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Inventors of three dimensional, fine wire micro pocket springs, Spinks Springs specialise in the creation of unique low height pocket springs which offer unparalleled levels of comfort.

The three dimensional springs contours to each individual body shape, reducing the build-up of pressure points. Our team of engineers are continuously pioneering new spring technology which can be used within many upholstery markets as well as the bed industry to provide the ultimate comfort solution.

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Spinks Spring specialise in a range of innovative low height micro coil springs, in a selection of pocket heights, widths, wire gauges and fabric options. These unique micro coil springs can be used in a wide range of applications and offer superior levels of comfort. We also manufacture a number of core pocket sprung products, which provide unrivalled support to bedding and seating markets.



Triple patent protected, Aerocoil is a conical coil that offers the perfect rebound characteristics.

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The award-winning Posturflo product range offers the ultimate in breathability

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The latest innovation in mattress ticking, Quiltech is turning comfort inside out

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A greener coil system, NatureCoil is 100% plant based and weldable

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Our most universal product, Posturfil provides unrivalled levels of comfort and support

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Quality Assured

Spinks Inside logo indicates the highest quality components are used within a product. Look for the Spinks Inside logo and you can be rest assured that the product you are buying contains genuine Spinks Springs technology, offering the ultimate in luxury comfort.


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